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wOw Projects
wOw Projects

wOw is impacting lives across Pakistan. Find out more about our projects and the difference we are making.

wOw believes that education is the basic right of any child; an important tool in developing the future generations for a brighter future. Educating with initiatives are key to unlocking the potential of future generations.

At wi-tribe, we also give importance to involving our employees in our initiatives, where they all have a chance to contribute and learn.

wOw supports the following institutions:

Bags for Books
wOw donates recycled school bags to children as a basic need, facilitating their desire to attend school. They are made of panaflex material (or skins) used during campaigns and are stitched as durable, water-proof backpacks, designed to endure tough weather and provide ample storage for books, stationary and snacks.

Internet for Change
wOw also mandates internet services for the school computer labs, where students learn about resources that can further enhance their academic experience with access to billions of websites around the world. With such a powerful resource as the internet, these students can significantly widen their learning horizon with just a few clicks.

Trees for Green
wOw initiatives for environmental conservation are an essential part of educating ourselves and our future generations. Giving back to nature is a step wi-tribe takes to ensure our carbon footprint is minimal, while being socially responsible by giving back with tree plantation drives.