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Pakistan joins the tribe – wi-tribe launches wireless broadband internet service in Pakistan

Pakistan joins the tribe – wi-tribe launches wireless broadband internet service in Pakistan

Tuesday, June 30th, 2009

Islamabad: wi-tribe, a Qtel Group company, launched its Wireless Broadband Service in Pakistan today. Present on the occasion were Federal Minister of Investment, Waqar Ahmed Khan; Senior members of wi-tribe Management and members of the press.

wi-tribe promises to free internet users from fixed line connections with high-speed connections beginning in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad and Rawalpindi. wi-tribe is described as the ‘instant and simple’ broadband service provider in Pakistan, targeting Internet users looking for increased freedom from fixed line.

Speaking on the occasion, Federal Minister of Investment Waqar Ahmed Khan said, “It is very heartening to witness the wi-tribe launch in Pakistan. The investment that wi-tribe has made and would be making indicates that Pakistan is open for business. We are willing to accommodate and encourage all investors to benefit from the business-friendly policies that Pakistan offers.”

“Today, is another milestone for the wi-tribe group with the launch of the largest operation to date, wi-tribe Pakistan,” said the CEO of wi-tribe Pakistan, Mohammad Sadiq.

As an international company with local focus, wi-tribe has dedicated much of its pre-launch activities towards recruiting and training Pakistani staff to work within the company at every level. Not only does the team at wi-tribe offer the customer local knowledge and understanding, but also ensures the company is fully integrated with the country in which it operates.

“We have been developing the products, systems and infrastructure of wi-tribe in Pakistan over many months, we have recruited a dedicated and passionate workforce from within the Pakistani community, and we are now ready to revolutionise the way in which people can access the Internet in terms of the performance of our product offering, the added benefits of becoming a wi-triber is the quality of customer care and support available,” he added.

The wi-tribe modem can deliver high speed Internet access covering much of the four metros. One of the first priorities of the customer support team is to ensure that the customer will be able to get full access to the internet before starting to build the wi-tribe package. The flexibility in the wi-tribe package is that the customer can try the service for a period of seven days.

The product range is tailored to meet the customer’s personal usage and budgetary requirements. With connection speeds ranging from 256Kbps to 1Mbps, services can be further tailored with usage allowances depending upon how and when customers – known as wi-tribers – wish to use the internet through their wi-tribe connection.

Becoming a customer cannot be easier. With centralized customer care centers and a network of retails outlets in the cities busiest commercial areas including the Blue Area in Islamabad, DHA and Model Town in Lahore, DHA and Clifton in Karachi and Scheme III in Rawalpindi. The customer can even contact the Customer Care Centre on 111-1tribe (111 187 423) to get connected.

“The customer care agent will take down all the details and find out if the customer is within the coverage area. Once the coverage is validated, the sales agent delivers the wi-tribe product and activates the customer, within minutes, the customer is online,” said Mohammad Sadiq.

The wi-tribe group, with its regional corporate office in the Kingdom of Bahrain, was founded back in April 2007 by the Qtel Group and is backed in Pakistan by A.A. Turki Group of Companies (ATCO) and Clearwire. While ATCO is one of the leading companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, The Qtel Group is one of the fastest growing telecommunications services providers with a presence in 17 markets in the Middle East, North Africa and Asia. As part of its growth strategy, The Qtel Group is branching out into high potential markets where there is a need for important technology like WiMAX to spur growth and enhance opportunities for business.


About wi-tribe Pakistan:

wi-tribe launched its largest operations in the Pakistan in July 2009, simultaneously in four regions; Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Lahore and Karachi.

wi-tribe is passionate about providing a unique and personalized customer care experience, teamed with instant connectivity and simplified service bundles and applications.

Backed by unrivalled experience, knowledge and ability, wi-tribe group, is a Qtel Group company, was born in April of 2007. wi-tribe Pakistan is a proud partner of the A.A. Turki Group of companies (ATCO) and Clearwire. The vast experience these world leaders bring to the table has fuelled the growth of this new venture, launching wi-tribe globally as part of Qtel’s 2020 vision.

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