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Fair Usage Policy

Fair Usage Policy

Fair usage policy for all wi-tribe packages

All wi-tribe packages are for consumer usage and not permitted for commercial use or reselling; wi-tribe reserves the right to suspend or disconnect any customer account(s) that may be in violation of PTA regulations;

wi-tribe internet packages are on “best effort basis” and do not commit bandwidth as per standard practice across all Internet Service Providers worldwide; This policy is subject to revision by wi-tribe Pakistan, without prior notice;

Policy for service experience with each type of unlimited package:

Unlimited package policy: Parameters will change and speed will be reduced upon utilizing 60 GB on 1Mbps unlimited package,  2Mbps unlimited package and 3Mbps unlimited package in any given month.

Power Hours add-on will automatically expire upon consumption of 50GB. A credit limit of Rs.300 is available on all unlimited packages.

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